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Print Automation via Scripting

I want to combine pages from many small jobs into one, relatively┬ábig job and print this job to a printer after reaching some limit. In other words I’m thinking about some sort of a FIFO buffer, which is filled by incoming pages. When number of pages in the buffer is greater than some amount, this number of pages should be flushed to a printer. In this case output job will always contain exact number of pages, and in case of N-Up layout, paper sheets will be fully filled by source pages.

Let’s see how it can be done with priPrinter. Continue reading

How to watermark print pages? Fully automatically ?

There are few answers. Starting from creating watermark in MS Word and ending with using options of your printer driver.

Today we will try to use priPrinter to do that. priPrinter is very good in previewing and modifying printer jobs. You even can create many watermarks and customize them. Watermark is not just a transparent piece of text. We can put images as watermarks, including .PNG with alpha channel. Of course we can create callouts, geometry shapes, lines, etc. But these figures are mostly related to marking up documents so for now we will talk about text and images. You can take a look at it here. Continue reading