How to print image?

It should be easy, you only have to right click on image in Windows Explorer and select print. It’s really easy however you can’t change anything.

You can do it in another way. Start priPrinter and drag image from any folder to priPrinter window. Main window will display paper with image on it. Now you can change margins with mouse drag in order to adjust image on paper. Of course you may drag image to on the paper, crop, duplicate, whatever.

Finally hit print button and print image…


If you want to print image with exact size, you can use measure tool.

How to watermark print pages? Fully automatically ?

There are few answers. Starting from creating watermark in MS Word and ending with using options of your printer driver.

Today we will try to use priPrinter to do that. priPrinter is very good in previewing and modifying printer jobs. You even can create many watermarks and customize them. Watermark is not just a transparent piece of text. We can put images as watermarks, including .PNG with alpha channel. Of course we can create callouts, geometry shapes, lines, etc. But these figures are mostly related to marking up documents so for now we will talk about text and images. You can take a look at it here. Continue reading

Check your paper type

Always check your paper type with auto duplex printers.

Today I spent half of hour, many sheets of paper and a  lot of inks while printing small book. And only because of wrong paper type in printer settings.  I forgot that last time I printed on photo paper. My printer can’t do duplex on the photo paper and today it printed booklet pages in single sided mode.

Reverting back to plain paper solved that problem. It was really hard to understand, why duplex does not work. What’s a shame.


Manual Duplexing

As was mentioned in previous post, automatic duplex is very handy feature, however your printer may be without that unit.

Even in case if you’re going to buy new printer and you’ve just found right one, with superior quality, good price and all the rest required features, duplex unit may be not available for it.  Or it can be very expensive.

Actually manual duplex is not that bad. Not always at least. For large jobs manual duplex can be significantly faster, since one side can be print at full speed. Continue reading


Duplex is a possibility to do anything in two ways at the same time. For instance you can send and receive data at  simultaneously using one wire or you can speak and listen. Who can do this ? Me not.

OK, for printer Duplexing means ability to prints-on-both-sides.  Another words for this: two sided, double-sided, auto duplex, auto duplex unit. Key word here AUTO, and this means that printer can print one both sides fully automatically. Manual duplex means that you will be in position of duplex unit and will assist your printer by flipping pages.

So it is AUTO DUPLEX. Is this cool? Yes, very! Printer will do everything for you, and you really can save paper by printing on both sides without pain.

How it works ? In case if you think that printers print on both sides at the same time, you are mistaken. It will be too hard for them. Instead printer prints one page, flips it and prints second page next. Usually it looks like printer eats page after printing. OK, actually it pulls it back into duplex unit, flips it there and put page back into printing path. It can be separate optional duplex unit or standard part of your printer. One time I though about mechanical hands, which can flip pages. Sounds funny. Actually everything is much simpler.

Is this expensive? Most likely YES and most likely choice of printers with duplexer is limited. HP printers with duplex unit cost much more then regular ones. However Canon PIXMA printers are good exception here. There are a lot of duplex models on the market with quite a good price.

Disadvantages? N0, but you should be ready that in auto duplex mode some features may be limited: Margins can be significantly bigger, only standard paper sizes can be handled correctly.

It is really worth to think about duplex printer if you have to buy new printer.

To be continued…

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