How to watermark print pages? Fully automatically ?

There are few answers. Starting from creating watermark in MS Word and ending with using options of your printer driver.

Today we will try to use priPrinter to do that. priPrinter is very good in previewing and modifying printer jobs. You even can create many watermarks and customize them. Watermark is not just a transparent piece of text. We can put images as watermarks, including .PNG with alpha channel. Of course we can create callouts, geometry shapes, lines, etc. But these figures are mostly related to marking up documents so for now we will talk about text and images. You can take a look at it here.

What is good in priPrinter is its visual part, you can adjust pages and see how they will look after appearing from your printer. Same with watermarks. There is no need to think how it will look after printing, you can adjust everything in preview window. So let’s start from printing from your application to priPrinter. You can adjust page layout or can start with watermarks. Let’s go to insert tab and click on watermark button. Some default watermark will be created. Most likely you are not OK with default text, in such case just double click on that watermark. Here you can change text “watermark” to something else. For instance TOP SECRET. You can change color, border, size, font etc. After applying changes in dialog we may adjust watermark’s position, angle or size.

Now we can print this to printer and pages will be watermarked. If you want use this watermark later, right click on it and save as preset. This watermark will be in the list of watermark and we will be able to use it later.


OK, but how to apply this watermark fully automatically without any user action? Is this possible at all?

Yes, it is possible and we are just one minute away from this. We just have to save page layout with watermarks to priPrinter theme file, select this theme in printer preferences dialog and enable silent printing.

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