We are happy to mention that next version of priPrinter will use new libjpeg-turbo.

Print Job can grow up to few gigabytes without lossy compression


Why we are happy? Well, technically JPEG compression is used quite wide in priPrinter. Of course very obvious parts are saving images to jpeg files and generating PDF files. However most often jpeg code is used internally during printing* and previewing your pages. Why JPEG is used here? Well this is an interesting question. Print applications send a lot of high resolution graphics to printer. ‘A lot’ means megabytes or even gigabytes of image bits in one print job. Writing such amount of data in lossless form may take up to one minute on modern hard drive. Even SSD can’t full help here – amount of data is really huge.¬†Instead of that, priPrinter driver compress images to JPEG and writes it to disk. On opening, priPrinter viewer decodes JPEG data, decoding may performed any time you open new page or return to previously opened page ( in case of huge amount of images, priPrinter can unload images). So JPEG code is invoked often and that’t why we happy about such improvement.

New library is about two times faster Speed-up factor for 32 bit version is 2.2, while for 64 bit is “only” 1.95. Don’t be disappoint by 64 bit processors, ¬†this code was faster already and it’s faster now.

*If you feel crazy about JPEG compression of your images, you can can switch to lossless compression.

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