Print Excel table onto one paper sheet

Sometimes it is hard to print MS Excel document in one paper sheet even in case if your table was designed to fit that sheet of paper. You may receive two pages instead of one – second page will contain right column with end of sentences. Most often this means that you have to redesign your table and print again. Print preview is useful in such situation since you can detect this problem before real printing, but in any case you have to go again to Excel, change table or scale it down and finally try to print again.

In priPrinter 6.0 we’ve added new fantastic feature especially for solving this issue. Fantastic is a brave word probably, but we are really excited about results of this job. How it works? In print preview you will see how your pages will look like. If table is not fitted into one paper, you just have to select pages with parts of the table and select: Combine Pages. That’s it. priPrinter will inspects pages, find pieces of words and combine pages precisely.


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