priPrinter Next Features

First sneak preview for the next priPrinter minor release which should be available next months. Preliminary version is available in our beta page. We are very excited to share news about these features.

New theme

Next version will bring look and feel of latest MS Office. Yes, priPrinter will look in the same way as latest MS Word. Same colors, same window style, similar icons. It will work even on Windows XP. Of course, this optional. You can try this new look any time. It’s up to you, to stick with new skin, or get back to old one.

Ink Saving

Finally it’s time to improve our ink saving module. Usually all inks saving algorithms work via removing inks from colored areas. Details depends on implementation. Our algorithm works by maintaining contours and reducing density of colored areas. For text small ‘ink saving’ works quite good. Letters are still very clear and sharp, while usage of inks can be dropped up to 20-25%. Of course it’s possible to specify much more grammatical ink saving settings, but text will be gray…

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