WordPress – WebGL Integration

Just a very basic example of how to Insert 3D Model into WordPress.

Home View

Use Left Mouse Drag- Rotate View,
Right Mouse Drag- Zoom View.
264416 – Polygons, 186344 – Points.
Left Button – Rotate, Right button – Zoom.
Learn more about FinalMesh


How to insert 3D model into PDF file? There are two methods. Simple 1 and Simple 2.

#1 If you have 3D model in u3d file format, just drop it into priPrinter window, align position in the way you want to and select Save As PDF file in File menu.

#2 In FinalMesh application, open your 3D file, click on File button, select SaveAs. Select PDF. Now you are free to pick any template you may like, adjust initial view, render mode and lighting. Click on Export. Learn more about FinalMesh application.

Actually there is one more way. In FinalMesh save your model as .u3d file and insert it into priPrinter or any other PDF authoring application.

Print Preview with MS Terminal Server

How to get print preview and PDF printer with MS Terminal Server? Easy!

  1. Install priPrinter
  2. Disable priPrinter Tray control via Options dialog
  3. If you want to enter your registration code, just set checkbox [X] For All Users

That’s it. priPrinter works with TS just fine. For more detailed information please follow this tutorial.


UNICODE and Printer driver

What is UNICODE?

Shortly UNICODE just a standard, where each character in each language has it’s own number. As result, one string may contain characters from many languages. In Regular, old style code pages, each character also has its own number, but one string may have characters for one language only. This is mostly because of limitation of regular, old code pages – no more than 256 characters. Usually  much less – we should exclude numbers, spaces and system symbols. Continue reading

Print Automation via Scripting

I want to combine pages from many small jobs into one, relatively big job and print this job to a printer after reaching some limit. In other words I’m thinking about some sort of a FIFO buffer, which is filled by incoming pages. When number of pages in the buffer is greater than some amount, this number of pages should be flushed to a printer. In this case output job will always contain exact number of pages, and in case of N-Up layout, paper sheets will be fully filled by source pages.

Let’s see how it can be done with priPrinter. Continue reading


We are happy to mention that next version of priPrinter will use new libjpeg-turbo.

Print Job can grow up to few gigabytes without lossy compression


Why we are happy? Well, technically JPEG compression is used quite wide in priPrinter. Of course very obvious parts are saving images to jpeg files and generating PDF files. However most often jpeg code is used internally during printing* and previewing your pages. Why JPEG is used here? Well this is an interesting question. Print applications send a lot of high resolution graphics to printer. ‘A lot’ means megabytes or even gigabytes of image bits in one print job. Writing such amount of data in lossless form may take up to one minute on modern hard drive. Even SSD can’t full help here – amount of data is really huge. Instead of that, priPrinter driver compress images to JPEG and writes it to disk. On opening, priPrinter viewer decodes JPEG data, decoding may performed any time you open new page or return to previously opened page ( in case of huge amount of images, priPrinter can unload images). So JPEG code is invoked often and that’t why we happy about such improvement.

New library is about two times faster Speed-up factor for 32 bit version is 2.2, while for 64 bit is “only” 1.95. Don’t be disappoint by 64 bit processors,  this code was faster already and it’s faster now.

*If you feel crazy about JPEG compression of your images, you can can switch to lossless compression.

Print Excel table onto one paper sheet

Sometimes it is hard to print MS Excel document in one paper sheet even in case if your table was designed to fit that sheet of paper. You may receive two pages instead of one – second page will contain right column with end of sentences. Most often this means that you have to redesign your table and print again. Print preview is useful in such situation since you can detect this problem before real printing, but in any case you have to go again to Excel, change table or scale it down and finally try to print again.

In priPrinter 6.0 we’ve added new fantastic feature especially for solving this issue. Fantastic is a brave word probably, but we are really excited about results of this job. How it works? In print preview you will see how your pages will look like. If table is not fitted into one paper, you just have to select pages with parts of the table and select: Combine Pages. That’s it. priPrinter will inspects pages, find pieces of words and combine pages precisely.


priPrinter Next Features

First sneak preview for the next priPrinter minor release which should be available next months. Preliminary version is available in our beta page. We are very excited to share news about these features.

New theme

Next version will bring look and feel of latest MS Office. Yes, priPrinter will look in the same way as latest MS Word. Same colors, same window style, similar icons. It will work even on Windows XP. Of course, this optional. You can try this new look any time. It’s up to you, to stick with new skin, or get back to old one.

Ink Saving

Finally it’s time to improve our ink saving module. Usually all inks saving algorithms work via removing inks from colored areas. Details depends on implementation. Our algorithm works by maintaining contours and reducing density of colored areas. For text small ‘ink saving’ works quite good. Letters are still very clear and sharp, while usage of inks can be dropped up to 20-25%. Of course it’s possible to specify much more grammatical ink saving settings, but text will be gray…

priPrinter 5.5

priPrinter 5.5

This release does not brings many new features. Basically there are only two main new features: “Print Preview Pane” and “Printer Setup Wizard”. Rest changes are not visible, however they are great and important.

Print Preview Pane

priPrinter is already a print preview application, why we need an additional preview pane then? Well,  it’s a good question. My reason is to provide an ability to view and select pages which will be printed right now. Let’s say you want to print only specific pages. In any application you should somehow remember numbers of these pages and type them in Print dialog. Something like: 1-10, 22,23,30. It is hard to be sure that you typed these numbers right, and you should check it few times.

In priPrinter 5.5 when you change the range of pages, preview windows is updated and you see pages selected for printing. It’s simple as that. In case if made a mistake, or decided that you don’t need several pages your can remove them by editing text of page ranges. However there is another way, you may click on any page in order to include/exclude it from printing. Let’s say you don’t need 6th page – just click on it in preview window. Text will be updated to 1-5,7-10, 22,23,30. Very easy and very convenient.

PDFGears – Powerful PDF Inspector

Our team works on priPrinter and it’s part – PDF publisher . Very often we should check our PDFs and not only for their look in Adobe Acrobat. Also we should check all internal objects, its relations, weakness and ways to make PDF smaller and smarter.

Of course we can open file in Adobe Acrobat and use one of it’s tools in order to browse PDF objects. However, this way is not so convenient, does not provide access to all parts of PDF file and hides some details. We decided to develop our own internal tool.

Telling the truth, we were very excited about it’s look and features. We decided to polish it a bit and make it available for other PDF developers. Please follow this link in order to try it.

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